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Fred Dibnah: Travels with a Big Road Atlas

Fred Dibnah Travels with a big road atlas_edited-1.jpg

What's it all about?

Join Bolton Steeplejack Fred Dibnah as he finishes re-assembling the 1928 ex-Norman Box Fowler “Big Lion” Road Locomotive “Atlas”. The viewer is invited to watch the first test run, and then follow the engine and crew on a 30-mile journey to visit the Cheshire Steam Fair which was held at Grappenhall.

Relive scenes from Britain’s heavy haulage history as the mighty ‘Atlas’ steams into Trafford Park to stand majestically in the main gateway of Metro-Vickers where many of its historic journeys began. This filmed journey from 30 years back in time remains preserved for the future.

Running time 60 minutes.

The copyright of this film has been donated to the Fred Dibnah Foundation by producer Jim Stevenson to raise funds to keep Fred Dibnah’s, our man of steams legacy alive.

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