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Fred Dibnah Funeral Parade

Fred Dibnah's Funeral with Victorian Steam Engines

Fred Dibnah's Funeral Freont Cover_edited-2.jpg

What's it all about?

Fred Dibnah's final wish was to have a traditional Victorian Funeral procession, with steam engines travelling the streets of his home town of Bolton. Great Britain lost one of its greatest characters in 2004. A rare Steeplejack who commanded audiences of up to six million viewers on British television.

In this film we join Fred Dibnah on his final journey. He requested a Victorian Funeral with steam, and that’s exactly what he got. The Lancashire town of Bolton ground to a halt as thousands of people took to the streets to pay their respects. His funeral was a grand affair, with police escorts, an immaculate marching band and a parade of steam traction engines.

Narrated by Fred’s right-hand man, Neil Carney.

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