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Fred Dibnah's All Steamed Up

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What's it all about?

"Steam Engines are what made England great - and they don't answer back! You can belt them with a hammer and they say nowt."


Fred Dibnah is famous for his great restoration work with England's great Steam Engines. This is a unique tribute to the magnificent machines which proudly travelled the roads of Britain. Fred was fascinated with steam at a very early age and soon bought his first Steam Roller to restore and thus learn a second trade - his first being Britain's favourite steeplejack! Join Fred as he visits the famous Cheshire Steam Fair, one of the country's greatest steam spectacles. Be there in the cab of Fred's own Aveling & Porter 10 Ton Road Roller BETSY built in 1910. Watch how Fred tests the Fowler 86 Road Loco - ATLAS. See the master at work in the Dibnah Steam Workshop restoring the cylinder block of his own A&P Colonial Steam Tractor. Enjoy the wit and wisdom of one of Britain's most colourful characters and get All Steamed Up with Fred!

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