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Fred Dibnah Live on Stage: Funny Stories

Fred Dibnah Live on stage (Front Cover) new.jpg

What's it all about?

This audio collection is the only professionally recorded album of Fred's hilarious stage show "The Sell-Out" theatre tour.

Fred Dibnah, the man with no fear relives some pant-wettingly scary moments as he appeared on stage to a sell-out audience. Fred talks about his experiences swinging from and setting fire to 300ft mill chimneys. The Boltonian tells his audience that he was attracted to becoming a steeplejack from a very early age. He said: "I was first taken by the idea of [the job] when I saw men 200 ft up in the sky walking on buildings. I thought they were supermen but, in fact, most of them were drunk!"

Dibnah also talks about other aspects of his life story to his fans, like the Canvey Island Chimney Disaster where all present nearly died when the chimney fell a day early.


If you like Fred Dibnah, this live recording will put a smile on your face.


An Evening with Fred Dibnah (80 minutes).

Track Listing

01 Track 1 The Early Days (Running time 11.35)

02 Track 2 T.V. Times (Running time 8.21)

03 Track 3 Canvey Island Disaster (Running time 17.07)

04 Track 4 Heavens Above (Running time 6.29)

05 Track 5 Tristain's Tale (Running time 1.59)

06 Track 6 Car Spotting (Running time 2.16)

07 Track 7 Ashes to Ashes (Running time 4.45)

08 Track 8 Nine Lives (Running time 10.55)

09 Track 9 Donald at the Bottom (Running time 6.51)

10 Track 10 One in Four (Running time 2.25)

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