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Fred Dibnah Moving the Engines

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What's it all about?

Exclusive to the Fred Dibnah Foundation.

Fred Dibnah’s Engines “A Moving Story”.

It was a very sad day in Bolton. Shortly after Fred’s untimely death, burglars had been ravaging Fred’s ‘yard’, known to millions of television viewers as Fred’s Victorian steam powered workshops. The thieves were pilfering artefacts from the sheds and traction engines, something had to be done.


A plan was made to rescue the engines and place them in secure storage until estate matters were settled. A team of heavy haulage experts were assembled. They chose a cold and miserable Boxing Day to extract Fred’s treasured Land Rover and steam traction engines from the sheds and yard. This is a very interesting film. It captures all the experts working together as a team to get the job done. Tractors, pulley’s, winches, and sweat.

Emotional interviews were taken on the day, and a respectful commentary to this film was given by Fred Dibnah’s friend and engineer, Alan McEwen.  

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